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Get the Rotherham United Events calender on your smart phone or tablet by following these steps.

If you don't have a google account you can create one here free of charge.
1. Log into your Google account and on the Google homepage/menu click on calender.
2. On the left of the screen under 'other calenders' click on 'add a calender'
3. It will now ask you for a email address. Now enter - and click OK.
4. The Rotherham United Events calender will now be displayed.
5 Download the Google Calendar app to your smartphone/tablet from the Play store.
6 Open the Google Calendar app and in the menu go to 'Calendars to display' and then 'Calendars to sync'. Place a tick in the 'Rotherham United Events Calendar' and click ok. (For the first time it can take a few minutes to sync). If the Rotherham United Events calendar is not showing after a few minutes - go into your device settings - accounts - Google - and make sure there is a tick in Calendar
Getting the best out of Rotherham United Events Calendar (optional)
7 Download Business Calendar app from the Play store (free)
8 In the Business Calendar apps menu go to 'calendars' and make sure there is a tick in 'Rotherham United Events Calendar'
9 In settings scroll to bottom - under General Settings and under 'start view' change the option to 'day view'. This feature will start when you re-open the app.
10 Add the Business app Widget to your devices home page as shown in picture 1 above.

You can also add the calender by entering the URL for the calender. The URL for the Rotherham United Events calender is:
The Calendar URL address is the public address for the calendar. With this address, you can subscribe to the calendar, view events via feed readers, and view a read-only version of the calendar directly in your browser. You can view the calender without having to sign in to Google Calender.

The Rotherham United Events calender is updated every week. Your calender will automatically sync with up to date fixtures/results ect. if sync is turned on in your phone settings. We are now adding Non Football League teams to a players record in his 'born on this day' profile.

Player Birthdates
As of 10th January 2016, there are 889 players that have played for Rotherham United from 1925/1926-1938/1939 & 1946/1947-2015/2016. We have recorded every players birthdate in the calander apart from the following 44 players. If you know the birthdate of any of the following players then please contact us so we can add them in.

Anderson, Jock (1938/1939) - Anderson, Tom (1932/1933) - Bembridge, Charles (1931/1932-1933/1934) - Beynon, John (1930/1931-1932/1933) - Black, R. (1935/1936) - Bramley, Jack (1924/1925-1925/1926) - Chambers, Bernard (1926/1927) - Charnley, J. (1938/1939) - Cooke, Edward (1930/1931) - Cooper, William (1928/1929) - Davies, Albert (1927/1928-1928/1929) - Emmett, Bert (1919/1920-1925/1926) - Fantham, John (1931/1932-1933/1934) - Garton, H. (1936/1937) - Hall, Tom (1927/1928) - Harrison, John (1925/1926-1926/1927) - Heald, Freddie (1925/1926) - Hemingway, Cyril (1925/1926-1927/1928) - Higginbotham, Ernie (1925/1926-1927/1928) - Hodgetts, Alf (1925/1926) - Johnson, William (1933/1934) - Jones, Leslie (1932/1933) - Julian, Eric (1925/1926) - Lewis, James (1933/1934-1934/1935) - Lynch, Joe (1937/1938-1938/1939) - Miller, Joseph (1934/1935) - Murray, William (1938/1939) - Newton, Harry (1938/1938) - Parkin, Albert (1926/1927-1932/1933) - Phillips, William (1927/1928) - Priestley, A. (1938/1939) - Rowbotham, Sam (1931/1932-1933/1934) - Sharp, James (1928/1929-1929/1930) - Smith, Norman (1925/1926) - Staniforth, Harry (1932/1933) - Steel, Parkin (1926/1927) - Stewart, John (1930/1931) - Wadsworth, Charles (1938/1939) - Ward, Albert (1930/1931) - Webb, Geoffrey (1927/1928) - Westley, Charles (1938/1939) - Wilson, William (1933/1934) - Wright, John (1933/1934) - Yates, Herbert (1924/1925-1926/1927)

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